September 16, 2013

Book Reviews (XIII)

Book review: Amber's Mysterious Death by C.L.Exline

Book description:

The game's afoot when Sheryl Locke Holmes spots Amber's husband, Roger, who'd disappeared without a trace after Amber's tragic death. With the help of her sidekick, Dot Watson, Sheryl follows Roger and a trail of amber jewelry which leads to duplicity, mayhem and murder. As different as day and night, Sheryl, Dot and Amber bonded like sisters during college. Their friend's death left unanswered questions and an unidentifiable body. This time Sheryl won't stop until she gets answers--and avenges her friend's death.

My Review

I greatly enjoyed Amber's Mysterious Death, a vivid and compelling story, with a clever designed mystery that kept me so engrossed in it that it was impossible to put it down at all.

The story flows well from the very beginning and it grabbed me from page one. I liked the author's clever naming the characters: Sheryl Locke Holmes. And of course who can be close to this character? None other than the traditional friend and partner, Watson; in our story, Dot, the technological wizard. Unlike Conan Doyle's characters who are men, Cassie's main leads are women. I enjoyed it as I am an inveterate feminist.

The two friends are as opposite as day and night. They aren't detectives proper, though Sheryl worked for a while, until her parents died in an accident, at the Millstone Police Department. They are owners of an antique shop, Homes by Holmes and Watson. Their friendship runs back in the past when they were room mates at the University and where they shared a room with another girl Amanda.

While having a look over some antiques to be auctioned from a mansion, Sheryl spots an old acquaintance that seems to be on top of her suspects list, in the case of death of their friend Amanda. Can't tell you more without revealing the plot and it wouldn't be fair. The story is spiced with the right amount of romance - Dot and Charlie, Sheryl and Jake - and sprinkled with enough humor to make it even more interesting.

A highly entertaining story. Prepare for an unexpected twist at the end of it.

This review is based on a digital copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest opinion.

My Rating: Five Stars

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