February 16, 2014

Guest Promo (IV)

My blog hosts today a promo for a fellow author Lucca Rossi and his well received anthology of short-stories that, according to the words of a reviewer, are “highly-polished, well written short stories that don’t allow the reader an intermission between each tale.”


Galactic Energies
By Lucca Rossi


The artificial intelligences of DataCom are trying to save the planet... by exterminating the human race.

Aurelia finds her perfect man: a robot.

The space explorer Captain Arcot sacrifices his life for an impossible conquest, the heart of  Vril the vampire queen.

A shape-shifting mutant ignites the erotic desires of the galactic police officer who's been tracking her down.

Alessio fights against corruption in a universe of his own creation.

An innocent man is forced to submit to the domination of a ruthless prison director.

A king who's forgotten his own past wanders through a magical dimension where he discovers his own history.

Two souls separated after one abandons the other meet again in another life.

In an exciting virtual reality game, the hunter of the fearsome black widow becomes her prey.

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