September 7, 2017

Book Review - What's in a Name? by Sally G Cronin

Our legacy is not always about money or fame, but rather in the way that people remember our name after we have gone. In these sixteen short stories we discover the reasons why special men and women will stay in the hearts and minds of those who have met them. Romance, revenge and sacrifice all play their part in the lives of these characters.


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My Review 

It is the first fiction book written by Sally Cronin that I’ve had the opportunity to read. I was drawn into What’s in a Name collection and went on reading until the last story was done. I would call most of them  " tales with a twist."  I really did enjoy this may need some tissue at times. You will love the unexpected and won’t think to put the book down. I found it hard to put down

The motives and emotions of the characters in all of the stories were well defined and expressed. I really liked the fact that each story came to a satisfying ending and the next story quickly engaged me with the new people and place. It's undoubtedly one of my most FAVORITE reads of 2017, in my TOP 5. Sally Cronin creates stories that will keep you flipping pages and loving it!

I won’t tell you what they are about because being short stories I would reveal important details and I want other readers to live themselves the emotions I experienced. What I can tell you is that each story is as touching and compelling as the next one. The thread that links them all stories or characters is sacrifice and romance. Children, parents, lovers, life being lived.

These stories are for me like a fragrant flowers bouquet, each flower having its own special color and scent.

If you are short on time, What’s in a Name allows you to read something start to finish, which I love. Great for airplanes or a one hour mental break, beside being just great for personal "escape from the world.”

September 1, 2017

Book Review - Boji Stones by Sandra Cox

 Maureen Sinclair has a secret that could rock the modern world. More than just a charming antique set with unusual stones, the copper band she wears on her forearm is an ancient amulet filled with healing power. Her world is turned upside down by danger and betrayal when two men discover her secret. One is a scholar. One is a madman. Now Marnie must fight for her life and the life of the man she loves while protecting the Boji Stones.

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My Review
I have always liked the novels that I’ve read by Sandra Cox and Boji Stones is no exception. Call it the romantic in me, but I always love a great ending. The book starts with the magnanimity of gods who give to five mortal women a magical amulet: of power, beauty, creativity,  knowledge and healing.

The story then moves to present-day times. We meet Maureen Sinclair who is the nowadays owner of the healing amulet. But there are other people having their eyes on the precious object.

 Can Jack Wolfe, the handsome professor, be a tool of the evil forces wanting to grab it? You can feel the sparks between Maureen and Jack, though she and her loyal friend Hank suspect he is behind the many bad things happening in her life.

The characters are fun and realistic, even Bella, who wants back the beauty amulet that was stolen from her. There’s a great scene when Maureen and Bella join forces in a hospital room.

I especially loved the plot in this book. The plot moved along nicely with twists thrown in. When you think the story goes to a predictable direction, a twist pushes everything to a rollercoaster of events. I loved how each chapter ends with a snippet, the POV of the mean character. This snippet becomes a cliffhanger. It doesn’t let you close the book and makes you want to find out who is who and what their target is.

It’s a nice, quick read; making it the perfect romantic suspense book.

August 16, 2017

Book Review Guardian of the Deep by Flossie Benton Rogers

Forbidden love in the fae realm…
The Succubus Layla has one job: to seduce dreaming men. Although emotional attachments are strictly prohibited, Layla has powerful feelings for the Guardian of the Deep.
Samael is a dark lord charged with maintaining order in his submerged domain. The Guardian is enamored of Layla, and they fuel their passion in his undersea home.
With forces stirring against them, the fae world becomes dangerous. Samael suggests a hideaway in the human dimension – a 1950 Montana ranch. Layla is thrilled. They can escape the threat looming over them, and she can indulge her cowboy fantasies with Samael.
When Samael disappears before their rendezvous, Layla’s dream turns to a nightmare. Peril is closer than ever. She must call on her deepest reserves and risk everything for the truth to come out. Is her love strong enough to hold the bond with her Guardian of the Deep?

                                              Guardian of the Deep

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My Review

I judge a book on its ability to hold my attention and keep me hooked until the very end. Guardian of the Deep did this for me. If you haven’t read any of Flossie Benton’s books this is a really good one to start with. Guardian of the Deep was a chance for me to get lost again in her wonderful characters and their lives and realms. A light read mixing sensual romance, paranormal and adventure both in the fae’s world and in Montana in the human world.
The author creates characters who are smart and beautiful. I couldn’t help but to fall in love with both Layla and Samael as they involve themselves in a dangerous relationship. Why dangerous? Because Layla is a Succubus and falling in love with Samael is considered a treacherous thing by her people. On the other hand, all those close to Samael consider Layla an enemy and don’t hide their disdain for her. As any forbidden fruit, their love is more enticing and full of unexpected surprises as, reading the story, one will discover. I won’t go into more details as this is a novella and you must read it and savor the thrilling adventure. Apart from Layla and Samael I also loved Sadie, a secondary character, a Wytchfae.
It amused me reading how Lyla went and had a cup of leftover coffee before leaving. So faes are also addicted to the black, divine drink. Good for them!
Another quote I enjoyed from the book, "She was trouble wrapped up in a bow. Gut instinct told him this woman could be the death of him.”
Guardian of the Deep is another amazing story by Ms. Benton-Rogers and the characters that she creates are second to none. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.
I love Flossie Benton’s 's writing -  have loved Flossie Benton’s books since I read the first one - and this book is one of my favorites from her. She never disappoints.