May 6, 2017

Book Promo - Guardian of the Deep by Flossie Benton Rogers

 For fans of fantasy and romance - just 0.99$ for a few more days

Forbidden love in the fae realm…

The Succubus Layla has one job: to seduce dreaming men. Although emotional attachments are strictly prohibited, Layla has powerful feelings for the Guardian of the Deep.

Samael is a dark lord charged with maintaining order in his submerged domain. The Guardian is enamored of Layla, and they fuel their passion in his undersea home.

With forces stirring against them, the fae world becomes dangerous. Samael suggests a hideaway in the human dimension – a 1950 Montana ranch. Layla is thrilled. They can escape the threat looming over them, and she can indulge her cowboy fantasies with Samael.

When Samael disappears before their rendezvous, Layla’s dream turns to a nightmare. Peril is closer than ever. She must call on her deepest reserves and risk everything for the truth to come out. Is her love strong enough to hold the bond with her Guardian of the Deep?
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  1. Thank you for highlighting Guardian of the Deep's sale, Carmen! Layla, Samael, and I are most grateful.

    1. I am sure readers will take advantage and get it, Flossie. Your writing deserves it.

    2. Thank you, Carmen. I appreciate your support.